July 17, 2015

About Us

Our Story

As a child Jodi Matthews would listen to her grandmother passionately share about teaching children the Bible under the “Y” bridge in Akron. Years later God would lead Jodi and a team of people to found Urban Vision in 1992.

Urban Vision seeks to prayerfully and relationally reach North Akron children and families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. UV cares for our community holistically, modeling love for God, and others.

As we continue ministry in North Akron we strive to keep Christ the center of all we do and maintain three practices from Christian Community Development Association.

  • Reconciliation: Urban Vision desires to build relationships across racial and economic barriers through a relationship with Jesus Christ and with the community. (2 Corinthians 5:18-21)
  • Relocation/Remain: Urban Vision staff resides in the North Akron community with the people we serve. (Matthew 5:13-14)
  • Value Exchange: Urban Vision aspires to empower individuals within the community to use the gifts God has given them, and to see those gifts used to improve the community. (Philippians 4:18-19)

story1In 2007 many of the families we serve began to be displaced to a different community a few miles away. As each family left we were left thinking what are we going to do? God provided in a big way. A building was donated to Urban Vision that was in the neighborhood that a lot of our families were moving to. This allowed us to keep contact with the relationships we had made in our first 15 years of ministry, as well as bring several new nationalities to our radar.

The blessing that was our building has undergone some major changes since we acquired it. It is a real representation of our community. It looks a lot better than the day we first arrived but it still has a long way to go. We know that God has called us here at this time and we are determined to respond in obedience.

Vision: Urban Vision seeks to build a vibrant, unified community, transformed through the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

Mission: Our mission is to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in North Hill by coming alongside children and their families as they discover Christ’s vision for themselves and their community, through relationships focused on building dignity, inspiring unity, empowering futures, and meet holistic needs.

Isaiah 58 l Proverbs 29:18 l Proverbs 22:6