August 29, 2017

Our Team

Rodney Matthews
Executive Director
Jodi Matthews
Director and Founder
Psaw Brow
Food Service
Regina Lewis
Volunteer Coordinator
Micah Matthews
Support Staff
Evelina Seifert
Assistant to the Director
Thompson Paisley
S.O.S. Staff
Katelyn Marshall
S.O.S. Coordinator
Eh Dah Doe (Doey)
S.O.S. and Financial Assistant
Tho Tho Da
Finance Intern
Ni Doh Gay Htoo
Dignity Stores Intern
Nathanael Matthews
S.O.S. Intern
Ba Bler (Bobbi)
S.O.S. Support
Set Lay Moo Brow
Eh Dah Po (Poey)
S.O.S. Support
Joseph Matthews
Holly Matthews
S.O.S. Administrative Assistant
Jas Kalikotey
S.O.S. Kids' Club Intern
Roshni Kalikotey
S.O.S. Kids' Club Intern
Delia Cedeno
Custodial Supervisor
San Kay Thee
S.O.S. Kids' Club Intern
Helena Caesar
Administrative Assistant