October 21, 2016

Back-to-School Store Wish List

Updated June 21, 2017

1.5"-3 ring binders75variety of colors (not white)
2"-3 ring binders60variety of colors (not white)
2.5" -3 ring binders45variety of colors (not white)
3"-3 ring binders30variety of colors (not white)
backpacks - kids40high-quality, durable; boys & girls
backpacks - teens40high-quality, durable; boys & girls
dry erase markers30packs
calculators - scientific10
calculators - TI-845new or used
construction paper50packs
drawing paper40packs
erasers - pencil top100packs
glue - liquid100
index cards150packs, variety of colors
locker organizers20
lunch boxes80high-quality,durable
markers, thin100packs
markers, wide100packs
paper - college-ruled130packs
paper - wide-ruled200packs
pencil boxes/cases50packs
pencil pouches50
pencil sharpeners - electric10
pencil sharpeners - manual100
pencils - basic200packs
pencils - mechanical430packs
pens - black50 packs
pens - color, variety packs150packs
pens, green50packs
pocket folders - paper100Patterned, popular characters
pocket folder - plastic100Patterned, popular characters
poster board30
scissors - adult20
scissors - kids safety60
spiral notebooks, college150blue, red, green, yellow
spiral notebooks, wide130blue, red, green, yellow
spiral notebooks, 3-5 subject100blue, red, green, yellow
Toys & Electronics
Art supplies/sets30drawing, painting sets, chalk, etc.
Assorted batteries20packs of 4, AAA & AA
Ball pumps with needles15
Bibles - elementary age50
Sunglasses50kids & teens
Bikes20kids & teens
Board & card games10i.e., Uno, PayDay, chess, Apples to Apples, Operation, Jenga, Connect 4, Trouble, Candy Land, Rubix cubes
Playdough sets20
Soccer balls50high-quality
Toys for boys100Legos, cars/trucks, rescue hero figures, Nerf guns, etc.
Toys for girls100Dolls, kitchen toys, princess toys, etc. (we have enough Barbies)
Water bottles50variety
Bathroom supplies
Bath sets20commercialized/clear package
Bathroom towel sets20
Blow dryers10
Hair strengtheners25
Body & hand lotion20women, teens girls; scented and unscented. Bath & Body Works are a hit!
Body wash50variety of qualities
Combs and brushes30
Conditioner20variety of qualities
Curling irons10
Deodorant, mens40variety of qualities
Deodorant, womens40variety of qualities
Dry shampoo20
Feminine hygiene products30Maxi pads, tampons
Hair accessories50headbands, clips, bobby pins (different colors)
Hair products50hair spray, mousse, gel
Jewelry50necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc.
Lip balm, chapstick70
Lip gloss50
Makeup sets50teen girls
Mouthwash20adults & childrens
Nail polish25
Nail polish remover20
Toilet paper300packs
Toothbrushes 75multi-packs
Other Household Supplies
Air fresheners20
Band-Aids20please get "fun" ones 🙂
Dish soap40
Dryer sheets20
Fabric softener30
Laundry baskets50heavy duty
Laundry soap120
large bottles, especially Tide
Paper towels200
Plastic food storage sets30
Sheet sets20variety of sizes and kinds
Coolers15hard and soft exterior
Wastebaskets20variety of sizes and kinds
Boxers & Briefs - men's25variety of quality & colors
Socks - boys100variety of quality & colors
Socks - girls100variety of quality & colors
Socks - mens50variety of quality & colors
Socks - womens50variety of quality & colors
Underwear - boys100variety of quality & colors
Underwear - girls100variety of quality & colors
Underwear - womens50variety of quality & colors
Gift Cards
Acme20$10-$50, write amount on card
Amazon20$10-$50, write amount on card
Marc's20$10-$50, write amount on card
Payless Shoes20$10-$50 write amount on card
Sav-a-Lot20$10-$50, write amount on card
Target20$10-$50, write amount on card
Walmart20$10-$50, write amount on card