Kids Club Recap

20,000 plastic Easter eggs, each filled with candy. 1100 hard-boiled eggs, provided by members of the Karen community. 500 pieces of chicken. Countless volunteer and staff hours. That’s what it took to host the Kids Club He Lives celebration on April 6th, where over 180 children not only came out to hear the Gospel but[…]

Valentine’s Day

Written by Camp Director, Jordan Fairfax I am not a big Valentine’s Day fan. One might even say I fall in the camp of: wouldn’t mind if it disappeared. I learned early on in dating my now-wife two things: 1) Women lie. 2) She does enjoy Valentine’s Day. We both attended Moody Bible Institute and[…]


Written by Camp Urban Vision Director, Jordan Fairfax Thanksgiving like many holidays has a dash of sadness and happiness. It can be a time to count the cost and reflect on the faithfulness of God. It may be the first year without a loved one or friend. You may have someone serving overseas or local[…]


This post was written by Jordan Fairfax, Urban Vision’s Director of Development/Camp. We are approaching one of my favorite holidays: Halloween! I enjoy that all aged people can dress up, let loose a little and come together as communities and have fun. It is a time to not take yourself that seriously and that is[…]