Dear Urban Vision family,


In the past week, we have once again been reminded in Charlottesville, that our world is broken. The hate for our fellow human beings because of the color of their skin just never seems to be reconciled. For some, it has remained for many years dormant so that they might have allowed themselves to think the darkness has finally passed, yet hate and injustice has roared loudly again to remind all of us that it is alive and present still.


We must remember our Lord’s prayer is that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And how do different ethnicities relate in heaven? Every tribe, tongue and nation praising with one heart yet with many tongues the praises of our Lord Jesus Christ. In our broken world, this is difficult.


I recently listened to an interview of a Neo-Nazi / white supremacist supporter. In his opinion, the only way for true peace among ethnic divides was complete separation. How wrong he is.  Some of you may know that every staff member lives in our very diverse community of North Hill.  We get to know our neighbors.  We learn from each other neighbor.  We watch out for each other.


I see people of different backgrounds walking through the halls of Urban Vision to see how wrong he is. I see it when I watch the kids from all over the world sing songs in praising God together at Kids’ Club. I see it when I watch kids play and learn together at SOS. I see it when year after year in the youth that have been bonded together in discipleship and love one for another.  May we all respond with Christ’s love across barriers of all kinds, leading them to the reconciliation with God and with man that comes through the Gospel of Jesus. He could not be more wrong, let us be light in this world to all.  Lights of many colors make a beautiful display.

So in light of our Lord’s vision, let us pray together. Let us pray for peace. Let us pray for justice. Let us pray that we will raise up leaders among us that will see people as God does. May we be faithful to work to see God’s vision of heaven on earth.


May God be with you all!


Rodney Matthews

Executive Director