Christmas with Dignity Store

The Christmas with Dignity Store was held this past Saturday.  First, we want to thank God for providing the resources to make the store a success.  We also want to thank the many volunteers who helped and to the groups who came together with donations.  Thank you to the families who allow us to pour into their children and share God’s word.

There were 231 shoppers (12 were adults), accompanied by 102 parents and grandparents! That’s over 330 neighbors welcomed into our building to hear and feel God’s love.  Add in the almost 200 volunteers and our building was full with about 550 people!


What’s the Christmas with Dignity Store?

Well, it’s a chance for every child (and community adult) who has participated at Urban Vision to spend their hard-earned Urban Vision dollars to buy gifts.  “Money” can be earned by participating in a program, like Kids Club or Set on Success, or being a part of an elective, such as Boy Scouts, Gospel Choir or Ballet.  Adults who live in the community can also earn Urban Vision dollars by volunteering their time and talents (leading an elective, helping in the kitchen or mentoring).

North Hill families look forward to this event every year and this year was no exception.  It’s always a joy to see how God works to bring this monumental event together — from the donations, to the massive coordination of volunteers–










to setting up the entire building into a department store for a day!




























If you’d like to help Urban Vision with its mission, please consider making a donation.  Thanks to several generous families, every dollar given in December will be doubled (now up to $102,000)! As of today, 240 kids have been sponsored.  Our goal is 400 sponsored kids by December 31. 

Merry Christmas from all of us!