December 28, 2017

Dignity Stores

Part of our calling to the area of North Hill is to reach the community for Christ. Our neighborhood is home to families from all over the world, ranging from Akron to Southeast Asia to South America and the Middle East. However, our diverse community is also a low-income, at-risk neighborhood, plagued by unemployment, crime, struggling schools, and broken families.

Urban Vision’s outreach programs are strategically developed to use the talents of our staff and volunteers to meet the holistic needs of our community, building positive relationships with our neighbors while offering the hope of the Gospel.

UV also strives to help participants meet their own holistic needs in a dignified and empowering way, and our UV Economy allows us the opportunity to do so.

Participants in many UV programs earn “UV Dollars” which can then be spent on real items at our Dignity Stores: school supplies at our Back-to-School with Dignity Store in August, and Christmas gifts at our Christmas with Dignity Store in December. This also allows us to reach financial responsibility and the value of money responsibly earned, saved, invested, and spent.

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