July 17, 2015



Economis is a 3rd-party program designed to teach young people the benefits of economic literacy. Urban Vision Ministry encourages our adults, and young adults, to visit the Economis web site at:


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“Economis is designed to provide real world experience in using a credit/debit card, earning, spending, using online banking, and learning about taxes and payroll. This experience, however, occurs in a virtual world so that mistakes and problems can become instructive without the consequences of the real world. We invite you to explore how Economis might help grow these skills in the young people that you care about!” | Quote from www.economis.net

Urban Vision implemented Economis in the summer of 2011 as a way to teach our students financial responsibility. At Urban Vision, students can earn something called Urban Vision Dollars as incentive for meeting goals and excelling. UV Dollars are credited to their Economis accounts. Then, students can save, invest or spend their UV Dollars based on real world consequences—they even pay “taxes.” This gives students a more active role in the process. Economis “money” may not represent actual dollars, but for our students, facing the consequences of their own financial choices will teach them skills for life.”