July 17, 2015

S.O.S. After School

At Urban Vision, we believe that education is vital to lasting change, both for individuals and for our community as a whole. With 28+ different languages spoken in our diverse neighborhood, English is both a foundation and a barrier to learning. Our neighbors also struggle with poverty, food insecurity, high unemployment, and low literacy.  Urban Vision strives to bridge educational gaps in our community, helping our neighbors achieve their highest potentials, within a safe and structured learning environment.

SOS Mu MweS.O.S. (Set On Success) After-School Enrichment is Urban Vision’s after-school academic and life skills program for K-12th graders.

Every day after school, students receive a healthy meal and structured gym time, followed by a personalized schedule of homework help, one-on-one tutoring in problem areas, specialized classes to meet their interests (like Readers’ Theatre, Comic Book Club, Chapter Book Club, and Open Library), and sports and arts electives.

Teens in 6th-12th grade enroll in the S.O.S. Leadership Academy, which goes beyond educational focus and helps teens  develop positive, change-minded worldviews while taking an active role in leading their younger classmates.