July 17, 2015

The UV Economy

At Urban Vision, we believe that education is vital to lasting change, both for individuals and for our community as a whole. With 28+ different languages spoken in our diverse neighborhood, English is both a foundation and a barrier to learning. Our neighbors also struggle with poverty, food insecurity, high unemployment, and low literacy. Urban Vision strives to bridge educational gaps in our community, helping our neighbors achieve their highest potentials.


UV also strives to teach financial responsibility to our participants, and our UV Economy allows us the opportunity to do so. Participants in many UV programs earn “UV Dollars” as an incentive for meeting goals and showing responsibility– like for attendance, good grades, memorizing Bible verses, and volunteering. These “UV Dollars” are credited to their Economis accounts online, where students can save, monitor, and even invest their “UV Dollars” based on real world scenarios– they even pay “income taxes”! This helps students take an active role in their earned rewards. These “UV Dollars” can then be spent on real items at our Dignity Stores. This also allows us to help participants meet their own holistic needs in a dignified and empowering way.


Urban Vision uses Economis,  a 3rd-party program designed to teach young people the benefits of economic literacy.

Visit the Economis website at: www.economis.net

To log in as a guest, use Login: guestlogin and Password: urbanvision10

From Economis.net: “Economis is designed to provide real world experience in using a credit/debit card, earning, spending, using online banking, and learning about taxes and payroll. This experience, however, occurs in a virtual world so that mistakes and problems can become instructive without the consequences of the real world. We invite you to explore how Economis might help grow these skills in the young people that you care about!”