July 17, 2015


Elective Programs

Electives came from two questions that have been in our mind. The first is how do we better use our space to get more children and families into Urban Vision? The second was, How can we make students feel comfortable in our building to encourage them to seek out our other programs that explore God’s Word in more depth? Thus electives were born. It was a creative way for people to use the talents God has given them to welcome new students. As well as create spaces for people to explore talents God has given them and to see that Urban Vision wants to see each person growing in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and men.

Bible Quizzing

Coaches Bob and Cathy Mellen lead students in memorizing scripture. Besides studying God’s word, quizzers also learn new vocabulary and study skills, practice teamwork, and gain confidence speaking before an audience. Bible quizzers memorize Scripture and compete with other quiz teams every month by answering questions on the verses they’ve memorized.

In His Steps Ballet

One of the many electives offered during SOS is girls’ ballet. The girls learn creative movement in dance as a form of both art and worship. They will also have a few performances throughout the year to display what they are learning.


A game of strategy brought to Urban Vision. Chess is a game that teaches many principles that translate
to how we should live. It is a game of respect, patience, and discernment. Our students have enjoyed
studying the game of chess and we can see the skills transitioning to how they live.

Mr. Bills, a respected chess coach and player brought this elective to UV in 2014. Players are being
trained to be tournament ready. Many of the students will have the chance to compete against other
clubs. All of the students in chess will walk away with a better understanding of the game of Chess and
how God loves them.