“Fill my cup, Lord.” Hear Jodi Matthews on Moody Radio

On yesterday’s Brian and Janelle Morning Show, Jodi spoke about depending on God despite trial after trial:

“Dealing with death is almost like a bully. Like someone socks you in the stomach and you can’t catch a breath. It tries to keep me discouraged and down, but death doesn’t have the final say! Constantly I have to run to Jesus. I found if I don’t go to the well of living water, my cup will be empty.

As I go through these trials (death of my mother in July and other deaths in our family since then), God is stretching us and giving us a greater capacity of faith. It is a lot, but I am praying for God to hold on to me.”

We’re thankful to WCRF 103.3 and Moody Radio Cleveland for welcoming Rodney and Jodi as regular guests on the show.

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