This post was written by Jordan Fairfax, Urban Vision’s Director of Development/Camp.

We are approaching one of my favorite holidays: Halloween! I enjoy that all aged people can dress up, let loose a little and come together as communities and have fun. It is a time to not take yourself that seriously and that is healthy. I believe if we all took ourselves less seriously and realized we are just as important as the 
next person it could bring some healing. It also marks the date 500 years ago on which Martin Luther nailed 95 theses on the doors of the Church.


Without listing or translating them all for you a major theme in the theses revolves around repentance and forgiveness.  In a season that can be celebrated by fear, highlights how much fear we live in every day. Fear of offending, not being bold enough, that someone might harm me or my loved ones, fear that I am oppressed and no one cares or will hear me, fear that I am different… Luther had a lot to fear in bringing these questions/concerns before the church. However, he was compelled by truth to challenge the thoughts and practices of the church. I confess I sometimes push my fears on my family and allow them to determine actions in my life. I am constantly having to remind myself God has given me a spirit of BOLDNESS. Hell’s gates cannot, will not, and do not prevail. God has already secured victory.


There has been a lot of things that have been going on from natural disasters, banning monuments or books, racial relationships, political positioning, national anthem stances, shootings, healthcare, immigration, trafficking, crime, drugs, addiction and more. There are a lot of messed up things that are happening and a lot of good conversation points that need addressing. I can’t help thinking in this the 500th anniversary of when Luther shook up the Church and asked them to look at themselves and choose God and truth. If we as the church (the mobile body of believers) need this again?


How do I today choose Christ? How can live in a spirit of boldness and urgency to love others who are created in the image of God?


I am drawn to Philippians, we are called to obey the Word and continue to work out our salvation. To do all without arguing or complaining so that we may stand out from the crooked and sick generation. We are called to shine like stars in the sky. If you are having trouble like myself seeing what that looks like I encourage you to come check out Urban Vision. I am refreshed every day when I see the faces that God has brought to our doors; they are many and they are diverse. God’s love has brought many peoples from different walks to our doors and it is wonderful and challenging. Come be the Church of Christ active in serving others.