What's New with Urban Vision?

Urban Vision Explained

Beacon Basketball Team
Beacon Mighty Men have been battling all season. Producing some great games to watch. They play hard and fight the whole game. 
The Mighty Men comes from the Old Testament. It was a group of 30 men that fought for God under the command of King David. These men have a few recorded stories of great victories God had given them, when defeat was almost assured. 
This special group of players have been fighting a lot of battles this season. God has been giving them great victories in Him. We have seen them grow from players that can barely dribble to a team that is able to use both hands for dribbling and lay-ups. This eagerness for learning the game of basketball has translated to an eagerness to place Christ at the center of their lives and pursue Him alone. They continue to glorify and worship God with their hard play. 

Christmas With Dignity Store
(Video put together by S.O.S. Students) 
Another great Christmas Store this year. The stories are heart warming and really remind us of what we are celebrating at Christmas. 
This years store saw 227 child shoppers, 100+ parents assisting children, and 250ish staff and volunteers. We are blessed to have such great support from many, many different partners in ministry. Thank You for making an impact with Urban Vision on our community here in North Hill. 
To find out how you can volunteer through out the year or start making plans to serve at next years Christmas Store please contact Nathan@urbanvisionministry.org . Thank you again we can't do things like this without your help and support. Praise God for His story and plan here in North Hill.  

Meet the Urban Vision Media Team
Urban Vision now has a media team comprised of six members. You will begin to see their work displayed on the website. They will be responsible for some of the content that will populate the website and emails. We have 2 students focusing on website management, 3 focused on video editing, and 1 on photography.  
(Above: Ni Doh <Web> Ma Rian <Web> Bah Hta <Video> Ehko <Video> Not Pictured: Joseph <Video> Tody <Photography>)