What's New with Urban Vision?

Back-to-School Store 
We are looking ahead to the start of the next school year. Help us offer children a hand up, rather than a hand out, as they spend their hard earned "Urban Vision dollars" on school supplies needed to succeed!
Anyone who has been involved in one of the stores at Urban Vision will tell you they are an absolute blast! Whether you want to help behind the scenes or serve at the event and whether you are a first time volunteer or have been volunteering for years, the Back-to-School Store with Dignity is an inspiring celebration! August 9th
To Volunteer or donate items, email nathan@urbanvisionministry.org or call 330.762.1163 

Summer Teen Retreat 
This year as a kick off to Summer Programming we took the Discipleship Teens for a four day retreat. The retreat was a good reminder of why we are serving. The theme for the summer has been the Body of Christ. We utilized the retreat as a time to get closer to God as well as those whom we serve with. We also spent time building community through studying the Word, sports, fishing, boating, cooking, and quality time together. It was a great reminder of the function of believers. God came for all. God has empowered us with the Spirit and we should use the Body of Christ to share in the mission of taking the Gospel where God is calling you. 

Real Hope In The City Recap
We are so grateful for Wayne coming down and spending the weekend with us at the Real Hope In The City conference.
Also a special thanks to our partners in this event South Street and The Chapel. It is a step that is paving the way for even more unity in the city of Akron. 
If you missed this great event the UrbanVision Media team will have copies of the main sessions with a few bonus sessions as well. Check back here for more information on that later. If you can't wait we have collected a Top Take Away list from the UrbanVision Staff. 
Top Take Aways
 1. The importance of a Church in the community/run by the community/that serves the community.
 2. Never do anything alone. These are times for teachable moments. 
 3. Fear can't be the reason you do or don't do ministry. 
 4. Communicate your philosophy of ministry on a regular basis
 5. Christ must be at the center of everything and you have to be in constant prayer. 
 6. As your ministry grows you must be organized to operate more efficiently. 
 7. It is very encouraging to come together as believers and talk about what God is doing.
 8. Investment in relationship is a Major commitment it often doesn't show real progress for many years. 
 9. The importance of ministry partners and friends to work with and support. 
10.In the end, it is all about relationships.