Check out these Before and After shots!
Urban Vision has transformed the auditorium thanks to a lot of help. This is a cool picture of what God does for our lives. Comes in and makes something new. This is our goal in North Akron to allow God to work through us to see the community follow after Christ and to live that in how we interact with each other. 



God has truly grown Urban Vision's reach this year: We are currently serving 559 participants—more than ever before!

At the end of 2014, we reached our goal of sponsoring 350 participants. Our aim for the end of the 2015 school year is to have 500 participants sponsored.

Our hope and prayer is for all 559 participants to be sponsored—we still need your help! For each Urban Vision participant, $67 a month ($814 a year) provides a safe learning environment where we develop community leaders.

We believe that God will provide for all 559 lives that we have the privilege of caring for. We ask for your partnership in that care, in supporting those God has placed here at Urban Vision.

Your contribution is crucial to helping us fulfill God's vision for Urban Vision: "To give North Hill students & their families a vision for themselves & their community through Christ-centered programs & relationships focused on building dignity, unity in diversity and empowered futures."

UPDATE: We currently have 514 sponsored participants!

 Recap: Real Hope In The City

We want to offer a special thanks to our partners in this event, South Street Ministry and The Chapel. These are the steps that are paving the way for even greater unity in the Akron community.

If you missed this great event, the Urban Vision media team has copies of the main sessions (with a few bonus sessions as well!) located here.

Top Take-Aways


Church in the community, run by the community, that serves the community is invaluable.


Never do anything alone. These are times for teachable moments.


Fear cannot be the reason you choose to pursue or reject ministry.


Communicate your philosophy of ministry on a regular basis.


Christ must be at the center of everything. Be in constant prayer.


As your ministry grows, continue to be organized; this will aid efficiency.


For encouragement, we must come together as believers, and talk about what God is doing.


Investment in relationship is a major commitment: it often doesn't show real progress for many years.


We need ministry partners and friends to support and work alongside us.

10. In the end--it's all about relationships.