Jodi Releases Her New Book

On any given day, there are almost 150 kids and numerous volunteers and staff in our large building. Chatter reverberates through the hallways, the front door swings back and forth with the traffic coming through the building. But we had a bit of a lull between the end of summer camp and the start of the after school and preschool programs. During that little bit of quiet, Jodi’s book, her labor of love, was released.

Here’s an overview of the book:

Jodi will never forget the day she talked with her dad about a vision God had called her to—to be a missionary in the inner city. All that he had taught his daughter about God and faith now became a new reality for him to grapple with, and he thought, Did I really train her up in the Lord for this? Seeing that she was indeed serious about pursuing her Lord with a compelling perseverance, he asked her, “Jodi, why is it that you always feel you have to live life on the edge?”

This is the remarkable story of one ordinary young lady who, hand-in-hand with her precious Savior, begins a journey into an extraordinary vision of God that will unfold with each step closer to her edge—to love God and love others in the city of Akron, Ohio. A vision becomes reality—Urban Vision. This is a story of one person pursuing God for all He will do when one is willing to follow Him anywhere, even to the edge!

As we prepare to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’ve had the opportunity to look back on so many memories. Putting the book together brought all of those memories back into one place. Although some of those memories were difficult and not-so-pretty, we know that God’s plan has always been at work. Inching close to the edge is hard but with God’s love and faithfulness, anything is possible.

Jodi will be signing books at the 25th-anniversary celebration, as well as some of the kids who are mentioned in the book. We’d love to have you there to celebrate not only our 25th anniversary but God’s love.