Leadership Akron


Urban Vision’s Executive Director, Rodney Matthews, shares his experience with Leadership Akron.

What is Leadership Akron? It’s all about area community leaders coming together to discuss important issues affecting our city.

After completing the application process, I was blessed to be selected to be a part of Leadership Akron’s Class 34. I’m just one of thirty-six community leaders taking part in the program. What a group! Some of the most-recognized names in the Akron community are my classmates. We’ll take site visits and attend seminars, to name just a few things. Each month, we’ll also spend a day focusing on an issue that impacts the city, including health care, education, justice and social services.

We had an opportunity to connect with each other at the new class reception.

I love getting out and about and learning about our great city! I highly suggest visiting some of our city’s landmarks. On this particular tour, the guide took us to the Northside District.


I’m looking forward to the two-day retreat in September and sharing more of this humbling experience. Be blessed!