Meet the 2016-17 S.O.S. Student Council

What started out as a lesson about the electoral process has blossomed into the formation of the first ever S.O.S. student council.

Let’s back it up a bit…

This year, Urban Vision launched Life Skills, a new S.O.S. elective for 8th and 9th graders. Students in this class learn about things that they probably won’t learn in school – how to plan a menu, the importance of creating a budget, how to open a bank account – skills that are just as important as academics.


October’s theme was government – how government works, why it is important to vote – and the idea was to hold a mock election on two issues important to S.O.S. students. We kicked off the month with a visit from Akron Councilwoman Tara Mosley-Samples who talked about the importance of voting.


Then came the Monday morning staff meeting.

Staff members got pumped when the topic of the mock election came up and before we knew it, the question was asked, “How about forming a student council?” A council would give the students a say in programming and also build them up into future North Hill leaders.

With the blessing of staff, the Life Skills students then got busy.

Election Time!

With less than one week to go, students decided on the necessary characteristics of a representative, educated their fellow students about the upcoming election, and created campaign posters, primary election ballots, and a ballot box.


First, the primary election was held with all students in 4th through 12th grades placed on the ballot. The top candidates for each grade were then placed on the final ballot.

After campaign speeches and lots of discussion, the vote was held on October 24th and our first S.O.S. student council was voted in.





Meet the Student Council



Back: Mary Wallace – 5th grade Alternate, David Lewis – 8th grade Representative, Set Lay Moo Brow – HS Alternate, Toney Kight – 6th grade Alternate, Heh Gay Moo Brow – 8th grade Alternate and Paw Ku Shee – 6th grade Representative

Front: Lorena Hernandez – HS Representative, Tiddy Moon –4th grade Representative, Isaac Htoo – 4th grade Alternate, Eh Ther Htoo – 5th grade Representative and Christopher Lewis – 7th grade Alternate

Not Pictured: Eh Dah Po – HS Representative, Jordan Lewis – 7th grade Representative

The first order of business for the new student council?  Help UV Staff decide what to do with the vacant lot across the street.  We’re looking forward to hearing what these young people have to say!