July 18, 2015

Sports & Arts Electives

Urban Vision’s outreach programs are strategically developed to use the talents of our staff and volunteers to meet the holistic needs of our community, building positive relationships with our neighbors while offering the hope of the Gospel.

Engaging our young neighbors is essential to getting them connected with UV on a deeper level, so we offer a variety of Sports & Arts Electives to the community whenever we can.

Urban Vision strongly supports elective programs as a way to learn, meet new people, and have a great time. UV proudly offers programs designed to strengthen body, mind, and faith. Our elective programs attempt to engage students in fun activities that partner them with life coaches to help instill life skills.

Some of our popular / most recent electives include…



IMG_9414In His Steps Ballet

Under the direction of Evelina Seifert, North Hill’s girls can learn creative movement through ballet dance as a form of both art and worship. Ballerinas are split into four classes and one performance team, learning technique and preparing lyrical performance pieces for annual Christmas and Spring performances, as well as special events.

Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Troop 778 (North Hill) meets at Urban Vision, under the leadership of Andrew Paisley.  Boys ages 11 and up learn to become men through the Boy Scouts program, with weekly troop meetings, merit badges, camping/canoeing trips, and other events, under the mentorship of older Christian men. Scouts learn teamwork, responsibility, discipline, and other practical skills as they advance in rank and in maturity.

IMG_0075Bible Quizzing

UV’s Bible quizzers study and memorize verses from a selected book of the Bible each year with coaches Bob and Cathy Mellen. Besides studying God’s word, quizzers also learn new vocabulary, study skills, teamwork, and gain confidence speaking before an audience. Bible quizzers compete with other quiz teams every month by answering questions on the verses they’ve memorized. Quizzers must know the Scripture and be able to quickly give an answer.

IMG_0230 - CopyChess Club

David Bills, a respected chess coach and player, trains UV’s students to be tournament ready in the game of chess. Many of the students will have the chance to compete against other clubs. All of the students in chess will walk away with a better understanding of the game of Chess, how to think through problems facing them,  and how God loves them.