July 18, 2015

Sports & Arts Electives

Urban Vision strongly supports elective programs as a way to learn, meet new people, and have a great time. UV proudly offers programs designed to strengthen body, mind, and faith. Our elective programs attempt to engage students in fun activities that partner them with life coaches to help instill life skills. Some of our popular / most recent electives include…

Bible Quizzing

IMG_0075UV’s Bible quizzers study and memorize verses from a selected book of the Bible each year with coaches Bob and Cathy Mellen.

Besides studying God’s word, quizzers also learn new vocabulary, study skills, teamwork, and gain confidence speaking before an audience. Bible quizzers compete with other quiz teams every month by answering questions on the verses they’ve memorized. Quizzers must know the Scripture and be able to quickly give an answer.

In His Steps Ballet

IMG_9414One of the many electives offered during S.O.S. is girls’ ballet. The girls learn creative movement in dance as a form of both art and worship.

There are three  classes of girls (beginner, intermediate, and performance) currently taking ballet lessons and working on performance pieces for different events throughout the year.



summer basketball 2As we spend time in our community daily we have seen how sports can be used to bring people together. Our coaches are mature in faith and experienced in athletics. Currently we offer Summer Ball and Fall Ball. There are two sessions each season; One session for 6-9 year-olds and a second session for 10-13 year-olds. Each session consists of skills training and team play.


Chess Club

IMG_0230 - CopyMr. Bills, a respected chess coach and player, has brought chess to UV in 2014. Students are being trained to be tournament ready. Many of the students will have the chance to compete against other clubs. All of the students in chess will walk away with a better understanding of the game of Chess and how God loves them.




Children’s Gospel Choir

IMG_0230 - CopyGod tells us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. When these diverse noises are trained and put together properly it can sound so beautiful and unified. Our students get the chance to strengthen the voice that God has given them. The choir travels for many concerts to share God’s love through song.